👉🏻Delivery & Collection

1.Delivery and collection within 10KM radius will be FREE of charge.Delivery and collection above 10KM incur charges of RM10.6 + MYR 1.06.The hirer will be informed for the addtional charge for delivery and collection.


2.Additional charge of MYR15.90 per trip for delivery and collection before 08:00 and after 17:00.


👉🏻Driver’s Age and License Requirements

3.The driver must between 23 and 65 years old.Other nationals who hold a valid driving license in english can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months.Probational license holder will not be accepted.

👉🏻Minimum Rental

4.Minumum rental is one day (24hours).Extension above 12 hours consider full rate.

👉🏻Vehicle Collection

5.During the vechicle collection,the hirer is required to ccheck for any damage to the vehicles.Be advised to check the spare tyre,tyre opener and tools of the vehicle.Should any damage of missing part be found,please inform our staff immediately.Any damage or missing part that is not reported earlier will be considered under the hirer responsibility.

👉🏻Insurance & Excess

6.All vehicles are fully insured with standard motor vehicle policy.However the hirer is responsibleno exceeding MYR2,000 (Group A), MYR3,000 (Group B), MYR5,000 (Group C) and MYR10,000 (Group D)


7.The hirer can reduce the excess to MYR500 (Group A-B) or MYR1000 (Group C-D) by purchasing optional Excess Protection for MYR21.20 per day (Group A), MYR31.8 per day(Group B), MYYR42.4o per day (Group C) and MYR53 per day (Group D).


8.All insurance and excess protection do not apply for damage or lost due to careless action,negligence,lillegal or improper use of the vehicle.The insurance and excess protection does not cover the repair cost for tyre punctures,burst tyres,fuel errors,battery damage due leaving the vehicle electrical device ON and loss or damage to the vehicle accessories.


9. The accident or damage only applies for collisionbetween two moving objects.Any damage while tthe vehicle is stationary will be under hirer’s full responsibility and subjected to the above excess and excess protection.


10.For damage which involves a third party,tge hiere is required to get information from the third partydriver which include the driver’s name,IC/Passport,driving licence and vehicle registration number.if claim cannot be made by the third party insurance.all damage will be under hirer’s responsibility and subjected to the above excess or excess protection.


11. The hirer is reminded that underbody and overhead damage is at their own risk at all time.All insurance and exxcess protection is void if the vehicle is driven on unsealed and unmade road or surface.


12.The hirer is required to contact our representatives to inform us for any event of accindents or car theft.


13.A Police report should be made within 24hours after the accidents or from the time you’ve found out the theft or loss.The policce report should be obtained in writting.


14.The hirer is required to pay a security deposit of MYR500 if the hirer purchase Excess Protection or subjected to the above excess if the hirer did not purchase and excess protection.The security deposit will be REFUNDED upon returned of the vehicle if no damages had occured and no summons had appeard during the rental period.




15.Smoking is prohibited inside the car.Penalty MYR318 will be charged for cleaning any unpleasant odour.


16.All traffic/parking summons occurred during the rental (if any) will be under the hirer responsibility.Penalty MYR318 will be charged if the customer failed to pay the summons within the time specified.


17.For long term rental,the hirer is responsible to return the car at our office if the car is due for servicing.we reserve the roght to charge penalty of MYR1.06 per KM after 500KM exceeding the service limit.

👉🏻Speed Limit

18.Speed limit in Sarawak,Malaysia is 100KM/HR,while normal road is between 90KM/HR.Please drive carefully and obey traffic rules.


👉🏻Returning the Vehicle


19.Please inform us if you want to return or extend the rental.


👉🏻Cancellation Policy


20.All cancelation must be notified 24hours before the booking date.We reserve the right to charge full-day rental for cancellation less than 24hours




– There will be outbound charge if you drive outside Miri area, please let us know.


– There will be penalty RM500 (Bintulu&Sibu) & RM1000 (Kuching & Sabah), if you drive outside Miri Area without our Permission


– Maximum drive range until Bintulu,Marudi & Brunei ONLY

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